1. cloudlibrary

    New Ebooks & Eaudiobooks Now Available from CloudLibrary

    We've linked up with other libraries across Texas to give you access to over 170,000 ebooks and audiobooks! Grapevine card holders can now access thousands of new titles from CloudLibrary. Download the CloudLibrary app from your app store to get started. More info...
  2. appnowavailable

    New Library App Now Available!

    The brand new Grapevine Public Library app is now available! Download the app now from the Apple or Google Play app stores by searching for "Grapevine Public Library" and start using the new app today! More info...
  3. LibbyBorrowEA_300x300

    Access Ebooks and Eaudiobooks with the Libby App

    The library offers access to great digital content for all of your mobile devices! All you need is your library card, a device, and internet access. Borrow ebooks, eaudiobooks, and magazines to read on your phone or tablet using the Libby app! Read on...
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